What we doイントロのクリエイティブ領域

INTRO handles all kinds of creative work based on three main areas: "brand building," "graphic design and printing," and "digital expression. We do not have a clear area of specialization, as our objective is to deeply understand each story, find its value, and deliver it in the most appropriate form.

Past work has included Establishing brand identity and Rebranding as the foundation of the company, Creative direction for the realization of ideas, Graphic design and Advertising, Communication design and Packaging and Copy writing to move people's emotions, Building websites and User experiences that intersect the real and the virtual, etc.

These examples are also customized and proposed according to the client's future goals and budget.
For past jobs by INTRO, please check our here .

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過去のお仕事には、企業やコンテンツの基盤となる「ブランドアイデンティティの確立」と「リブランディング」 アイデアの実現に向けた「クリエイティブディレクション」 クリエイティブの先の感情を動かす「グラフィックデザイン」と「広告・コミュニケーションデザイン」「コピーライティング」 現実と仮想を交差する「ウェブサイトとユーザー体験の構築」 などがあります。

イントロによる過去の事例は、 WORK にてご確認ください。