TBS Radio — Panther Mukai no #Flat Novelty Cards

We designed the cards for a radio show that is hosted by Mukai of Panther, a very popular Japanese comedian. The design is minimalist and abstract, a nod to the title, Flat (which means stop by on a whim in Japanese). In addition, the entire card is rounded and printed on high quality Japanese paper with a pleasant touch, so that the MC Mukai and the program's unique heartwarming atmosphere can be felt through the card. In addition to the basic blue, the cards come in three colors, orange and yellow as rare cards, making this item an entertaining way to see what you will receive.

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TBSラジオ『パンサー向井の#ふらっと』毎週月〜木曜日 08:30-11:00


Release: 2022
Client : TBS Radio
Great Producer: Takahiro Hattori

Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Platemaking
Inowe of INTRO

Printing and Processing: Yell Co., Ltd
Best Business Associates: Aya Kawachi

This work was completed with the help of
TBS Radio producer Hattori, my best work colleague Kawachi,
and a factory with excellent printing technology.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

The best radio programs make all of Japan smile!