VEGALTA SENDAI  — Key visual & Special Site for limited uniform 2022

Under the night sky shining with countless stars, the men were full of determination. They will carry all their passionate thoughts and feelings with them on their journey to glory. Designed by Adidas, the navy (the color of victory in Japan) uniforms were inspired by the Tanabata Festival in Sendai, the club's home city. Each of the strips of paper designed on it contains a wish for victory. Tonight, the entire stadium will be filled with excitement, as if an eagle were stalking its prey.

INTRO was responsible for developing the slogan and storyline for the limited uniform season, designing key visuals, and creating a special promotional website, social ads, and novelties around it. In other words, because this is an important year for the club to be promoted to J1, I was asked to be an important creative force to unite the club and its supporters to fight through the competition. GO Vegalta Sendai!

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INTROが担当したのは、リミテッドユニフォームシーズンのスローガンとストーリーの開発、キービジュアルのデザイン、それにまつわるプロモーション特設サイトやソーシャル広告、ノベルティなど。 J1昇格をかけた大切な年だからこそ、クラブやサポーターの想いをよりひとつに団結させ戦い抜くための、大切なクリエイティブを担わせていただきました。 GO ベガルタ仙台!


Release: 2022
Client : Vegalta Sendai Football Club
Model: Cayman Togashi, Ryoma Kida, Foguinho
Creation Support: Great Club Staff

Creative Direction / Key Visual Creation
Web Design / UI UX
Logo Design / Sales Copy
Photo Processing / Writing
Graphic Design and more...
Inowe of INTRO

Photograph: Ryuki Matsuhashi
Cooperation and Support: Shoki Kasuga
Programming: Yuki Saito

Many other people helped to complete the project.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank them.